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We design and build our solar projects with high quality and safety to generate the highest returns for our customers. When working with a licensed solar EPC, all services are under one contract for the entire project, meaning that you have one specialist as your point of contract.

Our solar experience includes

Ground Mounted Solar Array

Ground Mounted Solar Array Spreck Energy

Usually, the arrays are supported by galvanized steel and/or aluminum structures. The support structures are anchored to the earth using foundations consisting of driven piles, helical piles, ground screws, concrete footings, concrete ballast, or a mixture of these components. The type of foundation used is based mainly on soil properties as well as the geometry of the foundation. Traditionally, ground mount racking is used for large commercial projects. While ground mounts are more expensive than roofing solution, they do have certain advantages for property owners over traditional roof racking systems. For one, they are much easier to access and clean – and can also be more productive because they can also be installed at the ideal location that will maximize output, i.e. facing south.

solar carports

Solar Carport Spreck Energy

Utilize existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate. By utilizing existing parking areas and building roofs, solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of your solar project. Permanent solar trellis and solar carport systems require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair. Solar carports also provide shade or covered parking for autos.

Solar Rooftops

Solar Rooftop Spreck Energy

The most affordable installation method as foundation already exists, the roof. As long as the azimuth of the roof faces the correct direction, the roof is always a great option. Aside from being a pure renewable energy source, solar panels offer several benefits. For instance, solar panels help reduce electricity bills and are low maintenance, which also keep costs low. Moreover, they can increase property value and may qualify for tax breaks.

Solar Trackers

Solar Tracker Spreck Energy

The purpose of trackers is to maximize the output from your solar panels. Trackers automatically adjust your panels, so they always face directly at the sun and get the most possible exposure year-round. If space isn’t a concern, it is almost always cheaper to buy a couple more panels than overpay for a high-tech mount. Also, trackers have moving parts, which translates to more frequent maintenance, making them less reliable than fixed arrays.


Solar Array Spreck Energy

Utilizing a solar panel array can offer landfills a second chance at a useful life. Deploying solar panel arrays at closed landfills can be a winning strategy in the right circumstances that can turn a property once regarded as a source of nuisance complaints into a renewable energy source that fosters community pride. In addition, solar array panels not only bring clean energy to underserved communities, but can also help reduce air pollution.



Our projects are designed to balance size, energy production and capital expenditures to generate the highest returns for our customers. Our engineers ensure that our designs are optimized for each customer’s specific needs — no matter their financial goals, schedule requirements, length of asset ownership, and risk appetite.

We then optimize our designs to provide the most value to our customers – constantly evaluating capex, opex, and system production to determine the ideal solution.

We have favorable pricing, warranty terms & supply agreements from top-tier vendors that we pass on to our customers. Our teams manage the process seamlessly, from supplier evaluation and solicitation to equipment manufacturing, delivery and installation.


We deliver work – on time and on budget. Our careful approach to executing projects from pre-construction through closeout focuses on the project’s crucial components and critical path to ensure continuity of operations to meet the project’s major milestones in an efficient, safe and qualitative manner.

No matter what your length of ownership or financial investment, you can Spreck Energy to prioritize your project and provide proactive, on-going and honest communication throughout the duration of the project. Trust, visibility and execution makes us a reliable EPC partner for all of your solar and energy storage investment needs.

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